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Happy New Year to all of you, or as they say in German, “einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr” – the idea is, have a good “slide” into the New Year. I think the idea behind it is “May your entrance to the new year be a smooth one.” I apologize for not updating during the month of December, but between wonderful visits with friends, the holidays and travel to the States and back home to Germany, we have been plenty busy.

For those of you who have been curious about my older sister, she is doing really well. We had a great visit with her and as you might imagine, it was very comforting for me to be with her. Each day, she was more and more like her old self. Sometimes she has difficulties with her short-term memory, but I think this will improve with time. Perhaps her biggest challenge at the moment is her vision, which isn’t that good. The doctors are going to see how much her eyes can heal on their own, and then will determine whether she will need surgery.

It is really good to be back home in our little town in upper Bavaria. While in the States, I missed our little bakery with the fresh pretzels and breads. I missed our house and the cats, speaking German and the mountains. Before we left Indianapolis, we were finally able to ship our car. It should be arriving the first part of February, at the port city of Bremerhaven. Once we know when the car will arrive, we will take the train (probably overnight) up to Bremerhaven and then drive back home. It’s almost as far as you can go from one end of the country to the other, and could take between 8 and 9 hours. We will probably divide the trip in half, and of course it also depends on the weather. The cities of Kassel and Würzburg are roughly in the middle of our drive, so perhaps we will visit one of the them.

Yesterday, the sun came out so I bundled up Rosebud and myself. We went on a lovely Winterspaziergang, or Winterwalk, through our town. It looks so different and so beautiful under the fluffy white snow.

The Tölzerstrasse, toward Bad Tölz

The Tölzerstrasse, toward the middle of Bad Heilbrunn

Rosebud is dubious of her mittens.

The park in Bad Heilbrunn, looking south toward the snow-covered mountains

Another view of the park, with Bavarian houses peeking over the hill


Small improvements each day for Karen

I called our Dad this evening. He was with Karen, and I got to talk with her on the phone! It was so wonderful to hear her voice. Dad said that her replies to me were the most he has heard her say. I told Karen some Rosebud stories, notably Rosebud’s obsession at the moment – cows! I asked Karen if she is relatively comfortable, and she said she is. I asked if she was warm enough (in our family, we women are notorious for having chilly hands and feet when everyone else is comfortable). She took her time finding the words, and although I didn’t really understand what she was saying, she was clearly processing what I asked and taking her time to find the words. As I was talking with her, it was definitely my sister. Dad said she was able to walk 80 feet today with a walker, and each day brings small improvements. This is encouraging and I feel optimistic.

Karen update, 6 Nov 09

For those who haven’t yet heard, my sister Karen tried to get out of her bed at the rehabilitation center earlier this week. She fell and hit her head again, landing her back in the hospital yesterday. When admitted, she wasn’t able to talk but she could wriggle her toes.

Today brought only small improvement, but improvement nonetheless. She was able to nod, and when my father asked her to stop kicking with her good leg, she was able to do that. Thank you to all of you for the prayers, love and support during this difficult time.