18 October 2010

As you’ll see from this entry, our son arrived in the world on September 24th. He’s tremendously cute! We are so proud of Superdude.

How did we settle on Superdude as his online nickname? When David and Rosebud came to visit us in the hospital, my husband spontaneously starting calling our son Superdude, and the nickname stuck! It’s fitting, because we of course think he’s pretty super, but also he’s strong for a newborn. Pretty much right away, Superdude was trying to hold up his head and even wriggle away when put on his tummy. The nurses in the hospital joked that it’s because he is an American. I laughed at that!

We’re doing really well but eager for when Superdude sleeps longer stretches through the night.

18 September 2010

All is well with Budlet and myself, only now we are just waiting for him to arrive! My due date in a week from Monday, so presumably he should be here fairly soon. But he appears to be healthy, and I am feeling well apart from late pregnancy woes.

11 August 2010

So far things are going along fine with Baby Budlet, and that’s always good news. We toured the clinic where I’ll be giving birth, and we’re very pleased with the facility. I really liked the midwives we met and I especially like the philosophy they have toward childbirth. All good things. I can’t believe that in roughly seven weeks, we’ll have a new little person in our family. I think parents-to-be always have a slight sense of apprehension, but mostly we’re just excited. I can’t wait to have my little guy in my arms.

6 June 2010

I’m almost 24 weeks along, and doing well. The doctor thinks that Baby Budlet is a boy, although it’s not 100% sure. Exciting! As for an online name, we’re working on that. And for Budlet’s real name, well, it’s not been easy for us, so far, to find his name, but I’m sure that we’ll figure that out soon enough.

28 February 2010
We are expecting a baby, due at the end of September!

 Pregnancy Ticker

For now, we will nickname this baby “Budlet” until we find out if it is a boy or a girl. Then we’ll have a cute online nickname for this little one as well.


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