This page is for occasional updates on our daughter.

20 October 2010

It’s been a whole year since I updated Rosebud’s page! I can’t believe she is almost 2 1/2. Even though she is a typical two-year old, in that she has her moments of tantrums, she’s such a delight, and a smart cookie, too.

Rosebud, August 2010, Märchenwelt, Bavaria

This little girl is quite the talker and she’s creative in her play. She adores drawing – perhaps she will take after David who is himself a talented artist.

I was thinking we would start her in preschool next year, but I’m considering either sending her to preschool in January, if I can, or perhaps finding a children/mom group in our town that we can attend a few mornings a week. Rosebud is doing really well with her new brother but I know she gets restless and could do with more contact with other children her age. And, of course, it would be beneficial to her German.

Speaking of German, she’s slowly acquiring more and more words, although she isn’t able to form a sentence in German just yet. I’m not at all concerned because once she starts school, she is going to pick up the language so fast. Still, I’m impressed with her German vocabulary at this stage. It’s small, but considering that we only really speak German when out and about and with a few friends, she isn’t yet fully immersed in the language. The fact that she has acquired as many words and expressions as she has and that she understands a fair amount of simple things impresses me.

Being a language teacher myself, I am thoroughly enjoying watching Rosebud’s language skills develop, both in English and German. It’s pretty neat!

21 October 2009

Next Thursday, Rosebud will be 18 months old. She and I were looking at pictures from her first year, and some of the videos we took. It’s amazing to me just how much she has grown and changed. She liked looking at her pictures and videos. One of her latest words is “baby” – for example, she’ll see pictures of babies on the diaper box and bottles of baby lotion. She will point at the picture and properly label it as a baby. The same is true of our friends’ baby Christofer, who is now close to six months old. Cognitively, I think it’s a fascinating development, because it shows that Rosebud recognizes she is no longer a baby.

Rosebud is communicating more with us each day. I’ve been keeping a list of words that she can say. She mostly has nouns in her lexicon, but also a few verbs, animal sounds, an adjective and the standard greetings and yes/no. (Can you tell I am a language teacher?) She can also string together a few words to form a sentence, such as to tell us: “It’s a cow”. The next six months will bring even more language development, and I am very much looking forward to seeing her communication skills unfold.

Rosebud’s words, at 18 months

First word, besides Mama and Dada: Kitty (ditty) at around 13 months

Kitty (ditty)
Wau-Wau (a dog barking, in German)
Mama/Mommy/Mamica (to sound like Veronica)
Bitty (the name for her blankie)
Clarkie (our tuxedo cat)
Deo (Cleo – our Siamese cat)
Aby (her friend)
Nani (for Ronni)
Nanica (for Veronica)
Salami (Sami)
Banana (Bwana)
Wa-wa (water)
Boo-boo (book)
Go-go (ghost)
heiss (German word for hot)
“what’s this?”
“This is a”
“It’s a”
“It’s not a kitty, it’s a doggie” (pointing to picture of a dog in a book)

12 July 2009

Rosebud is on her way to walking. She’s cruising really well now. I’m excited to see her take her first steps in a few weeks.
When we returned home, after our vacation in the States, we brought our cats with us. It’s been fun to see her get excited about the cats. She LOVES them, and even has been saying “kitty”. I think that qualifies as her first intelligible word. We also think she says blankie and danke. Also Ja for yes in German, but the English no.

While we were on vacation, we went to my younger sister’s wedding. I just love this picture of my sister, the beautiful bride, holding her niece:


Congratulations Auntie Ro and Uncle J. on your marriage. 🙂

25 March 2009

Rosebud has essentially gotten the hang of crawling. Life will never be the same, and that’s a good thing.

I found a baby dirndl with an apron for her at a used clothing store, too, for just 6 Euros. The dirndl looks like it was handmade, even better. I will take pictures of Rosebud wearing her dirndl soon, because it is too cute.

Yesterday, Rosebud received a package of some clothing for her birthday, from her Tia (her godmother and our family friend, Andrea). Rosebud is totally into her new clothes:

Rosebud checks out her new clothing from Tia

Rosebud checks out her new clothing from Tia

She is especially smitten with her new hat (pretty girl!):

Rosebud and the purple hat

Rosebud and the purple hat

12 March 2009

It’s hard to believe, but we’ll be celebrating Rosebud’s first birthday at the end of April. I am not sure what we’ll do for her birthday, but I do think I’d like to get her a baby Dirndl (the traditional Bavarian dress).

I have these baby Dirndls in mind – I like the green one with the daisy apron best:

Rosebud, crawling, age 9 1/2 months


2 responses to “Rosebud

  1. Tia thinks Rosebud is especially cute in all these pics, and I miss her (and you) terribly!!!! When are you coming back to see us??

  2. Goodness, what a little sweetheart. Happy 1st Birthday!

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