Learning German

Here’s a list of links for German language learners and those interested in German culture.

My German Class – a humorous and interactive website for German students
BBC Languages: German
German Language on About.com; this website has a number of good resources if you are studying German.
Euromaxx: The Truth About Germany – these humorous segments from Deutsche Welle’s Euromaxx program are an entertaining way to learn about German culture. What’s with those garden gnomes, anyway? Subscribe to the podcasts and find out!
Leo online German-English dictionary
Die Wunderschöne Seite vom Herrn Schwab – a German colleague of mine has created this website for US student who use the textbooks Deutsch Aktuell and Komm Mit! as well as other references.
German Study Resources – lots of review games for German students. Many of the games have been designed by teachers, and go with textbook series like Komm Mit, Deutsch Aktuell, Auf Deutsch, etc.
Mr. Shea’s Germany sites, website designed by teacher Robert Shea, for German students and anyone else interested in the German language, culture and customs. The page I’ve linked here lists numerous resources for German students, but click around his other pages for information on holidays, German-American heritage, and more.
The German Way, a website featuring information about daily life and living in the German-speaking countries of German, Switzerland and Austria.
Germany tourism website, with lots of information about all the different regions of Germany, German culture, etc. If you’re planning a trip to Germany, this is a good place to start reading about the different regions. In particular, major cultural events are listed, as well as resources for nature lovers.
Germany Survival Bible, from the magazine Der Spiegel. Are you mystified as to why Germans are brutally honest and seem downright rude, even though it’s perfectly acceptable to them? Are you confused by the seemingly subtle and possibly non-existent flirting by German men? Do you wonder why Germans like to air out their homes but insist they’ll get sick from a draft? Do you want to know why you may not mow the lawn on a Sunday? All of these questions and more will be answered in the Germany Survival Bible. It’s a fun read and really explains why Germans do things the way they do.
Herr Schmidtmann A blog by Herr Schmidtmann, in German. He comments on daily life in Germany. The videos are especially amusing. It’s authentic German for all you students out there!
Schubert Verlag online activities These go with a German textbook series. I like the practice activities, which includes some listening activities as well.

Online Radio links:
WDR Radio Channels
Bavaria Radio Channels

Other links:

Denglisch für Anfänger – Denglisch, or the mixture of German and English. Notably, business and computer terms have been borrowed from English and have now made it into everyday German, but English words are present everywhere. One of my favorites is “ein Happyend” and also the verb “googeln”. Ich habe Denglisch gegoogelt. 😛
Wikipedia description of Denglisch, which features these examples:
* Das ist eine stylishe Hose.
* Der Flug wurde gecancelt.
* Ich habe das Programm gedownloadet oder downgeloadet.

And finally, a fabulous song by the German group Wise Guys, about Denglisch. If you like a capella style singing, you’ll love the Wise Guys.


One response to “Learning German

  1. Hi,
    I like the song by the “Wise Guys”. Didn’t know them so far. If you’re interested, here’s a link to a song by “Die Prinzen”, a pretty famous German band (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMVuCUFfq6c). And here’s a link for the lyrics (http://www.musik-lyrics.com/songtext/dieprinzen/becoolspeakdeutsch_893a2.html). This song kinda complains about all the English words in German everyday life. Would be interested to hear how you like it….

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