You can take the girl out of Germany, but you can’t take Germany out of the girl.

view of the Alps from Sindelsdorf

Most of our friends and family know that our time in Bavaria is coming to a close. At the tail end of July, David was offered a new position at a company in Indianapolis. His new job begins on September 12, so we will be moving back home a few days before that.

When we first moved to Bavaria, we intended to stay here for awhile. Once we are back in Indiana, it will have been after three years here and I feel like the time has just flown by so quickly. Ultimately, this is a good move for our family as we will be near our extended family and friends back home. That is not to say I will not miss living in Germany and Bavaria, quite the contrary.

There have been many advantages to living where we do: we’ve loved all the hiking and sight-seeing spots that are so close by; we’ve enjoyed all the kid-friendly activities; we’ve especially loved living within such close proximity to the world-class city of Munich.

What will I miss most of all? My friends here, of course. I’ve been so touched by the kindness of my German mama friends and their families, and they’ve done more for me than I can possibly say.

As for this blog, I do intend to update it, as often as I do now (which is about twice a month – I’d like to update it more frequently than that, but having little kids affords me less time than I’d like to write). I will continue to write about the German-speaking world, as it is my passion. Without a doubt, I know I’ll travel back to Germany with Rosebud and Superdude so they continue to be exposed to the language and culture. Having them learn the language and appreciate that things are done differently is extremely important to me.

As I am a German teacher, I have plenty of contacts within the German community in Indianapolis. I hope to go back to teaching German, provided I can find the right position. I miss teaching more than anything; now that I’ve lived in Germany for three years, I can share my experiences and knowledge of living here with my students. For a non-native speaking teacher, that’s quite remarkable and something that will benefit future students.

Our daughter Rosebud’s German is really taking off, so I’m especially saddened that we are moving at this crucial point in her language acquisition. Fortunately, I have found a Saturday morning German language program for kids between the ages of 3-12. The program is offered by Indiana U-Purdue U at Indianapolis (IUPUI) and run by a colleague of mine. I’m very excited that Rosebud has at least this option to continue learning German and to meet other kids who will be learning the language with her.

So that is our family news. We have a lot to accomplish in the next three weeks. More importantly, there are some local places I hope we can visit before we leave. It’s a little strange to be doing things for the last time, or at least, for quite awhile before I can make a return visit.


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