Superdude’s first visit to München

We had a little shopping to do, so we went up to Munich yesterday for the afternoon. It went better than I could have imagined! Rosebud loved looking at all the people, dogs and she was especially excited about the S-Bahn (though technically it was the U-Bahn). We drove to Solln, a neighborhood on the South side to park (just one Euro for the day!), then took the U-Bahn to Sendlingertor, the stop before Marienplatz.

Marienplatz is the main square in Munich, where the Neuesrathaus with its carillon is located; Sendlingertor is one of the gates and not too far of a walk from Marienplatz. We picked a nice afternoon for our first outing with both Rosebud and Superdude. The weather was not too cold, although definitely jacket and hat weather.

We spent the majority of our time at a café so we could eat lunch and I could leisurely nurse Superdude. The servers at the café were enchanted by Superdude, but they also doted on Rosebud. She seemed truly happy to be out and about. When I took Superdude to the women’s bathroom for a change, it was fun to hear all the comments from the other mamas and grandmothers. One woman was disappointed when I was leaving, because she said she was going to offer to hold Superdude for me.

After we had our lunch, we did our shopping and then were ready to head home. I enjoyed getting out of the house, and it was so nice to have a little family outing like that. Next time we are in Munich, I will remember to take some pictures. Rosebud was just eleven weeks old when she first visited Munich, so I’d like to take some similar photos of Superdude for fun.

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