Welcome, Superdude!

He’s here!

Superdude, four days old

Our son, who we are calling Superdude online, was born on 24 September 2010 at 13:53. At birth, he weighed 3580 grams/7.89 pounds, and was 52 cm/20.5 inches long. Superdude is now three weeks old, and I’m amazed by how big he is already since we brought him home. We’re doing really well, although we are quite tired. Hopefully in the coming weeks Superdude will sleep better during the night.

Rosebud is adapting well, although at times she acts out because she doesn’t get as much attention as she has been used to getting. She really likes her little brother; when she hears him crying, she often wants to make sure he is okay. Today, for example, I had put Superdude in his bouncy chair for a few minutes. He started to fuss, so Rosebud went over to him and gently patted him and then turned on the vibration function to soothe him. She also likes to share her blanket, Bitty, with her brother (although just for a short time!).

Superdude, right after he was born

We feel very blessed to have our son and equally fortunate that everything went so well. As we settle into life with a new baby, I hope to find a little more time to write some more blog entries.


4 responses to “Welcome, Superdude!

  1. Superdude is so adorable! I squeed out loud over his cheeks! ❤

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Thanks, Kim!

      I LOVE his cheeks, too; he gets that from my husband. My MIL told me once that my husband, when he was a baby, had such plump cheeks that his eyes were partially closed all the time. *hee*

      Rosebud had fairly plump cheeks as well – so cute.

      I need to take more photos of Superdude because his cheeks just keep getting cuter as he gains weight.

  2. Congratulations! What a lovely baby.
    September 24th is a great birthday, too – my husband and 2 of my closest friends share it 😉

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Sally, thank you so much! My best friend’s dad has his birthday on the 24th, too! It’s an auspicious day to have been born.

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