Augustinerhof, Munich

Tia, Uncle Justin and David at the Augustiner Hof, München

Our friends, who Rosebud calls Tia and Uncle Justin, came to visit us in early July! It was such a great thing to have our dear friends from home visit us in our new home. We enjoyed showing them around upper Bavaria. On their first day, Rosebud and I picked up Tia and Uncle Justin at the Munich airport. We spent the rest of the day doing a little sight-seeing in Munich, including this visit to the Augustinerhof. It’s a restaurant associated with one of the main breweries, the Augustiner Brewery. The Augustinerhof has, of course, a large Biergarten and the beer itself is very much appreciated both in Munich and outside of Munich. The Augustiner brewery still stores its beer in oak barrels, and many regard it to be the best local beer in Munich, especially the Helles variety (a light lager).

Rosebud, however, thinks that everyone in this photo is drinking Apfelschorle, although we know better! Rosebud has a point: Apfelschorle and beer do have a similar appearance – both are fizzy and golden in color. An Apfelschorle is a popular non-alcoholic beverage – it’s like a spritzer made with apple juice. We often make “Schorle” for Rosebud by taking some fruit juice and adding carbonated water to it. Schorle is especially nice made with black currant nectar.


2 responses to “Augustinerhof, Munich

  1. It sure was delicious “Schorle”! 🙂 Joining you guys for a week was the BEST time ever! Thanks for all your hospitality and for showing us around! love ya!

  2. I want Black Currant Nectar Schorle!

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