Brauneck Peak

One of the many lovely little towns in our area is Lenggries, which is principally known for the ski resort on Brauneck peak. As you might imagine, it’s quite busy in the winter. In the summer, visitors can ride the cable car to the top of Brauneck peak. And year-round, you can stop for some Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) or a bite to eat in the restaurant at the top of the peak. In the summer season, visitors from all over come to Brauneck to go on hiking/mountain climbing adventures.

When David’s family came to visit us, we decided it was time for us to visit the Brauneck peak as we hadn’t been there yet. We enjoyed the views and had a delicious lunch in the restaurant. I’d like to do some hiking there, perhaps later in the fall but surely next summer.

Take a look!

A view of Lenggries from the cable car ride to the top of the Brauneck

Looking in a southerly direction, toward Austria, from the top of Brauneck peak

Rosebud thought the Dragon Flyers were something else (the parasailer in the picture below). She’d go out onto the terrace, and when she saw the Dragon Flyers, she’d exclaim, “I LOVE it!” It was too funny!

Rosebud on the terrace of Brauneck peak, by the restaurant

Another view from Brauneck peak

Trails leading from the top of Brauneck

Daddy and Rosebud in the cable car


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