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Augustinerhof, Munich

Tia, Uncle Justin and David at the Augustiner Hof, München

Our friends, who Rosebud calls Tia and Uncle Justin, came to visit us in early July! It was such a great thing to have our dear friends from home visit us in our new home. We enjoyed showing them around upper Bavaria. On their first day, Rosebud and I picked up Tia and Uncle Justin at the Munich airport. We spent the rest of the day doing a little sight-seeing in Munich, including this visit to the Augustinerhof. It’s a restaurant associated with one of the main breweries, the Augustiner Brewery. The Augustinerhof has, of course, a large Biergarten and the beer itself is very much appreciated both in Munich and outside of Munich. The Augustiner brewery still stores its beer in oak barrels, and many regard it to be the best local beer in Munich, especially the Helles variety (a light lager).

Rosebud, however, thinks that everyone in this photo is drinking Apfelschorle, although we know better! Rosebud has a point: Apfelschorle and beer do have a similar appearance – both are fizzy and golden in color. An Apfelschorle is a popular non-alcoholic beverage – it’s like a spritzer made with apple juice. We often make “Schorle” for Rosebud by taking some fruit juice and adding carbonated water to it. Schorle is especially nice made with black currant nectar.


Brauneck Peak

One of the many lovely little towns in our area is Lenggries, which is principally known for the ski resort on Brauneck peak. As you might imagine, it’s quite busy in the winter. In the summer, visitors can ride the cable car to the top of Brauneck peak. And year-round, you can stop for some Kaffee und Kuchen (coffee and cake) or a bite to eat in the restaurant at the top of the peak. In the summer season, visitors from all over come to Brauneck to go on hiking/mountain climbing adventures.

When David’s family came to visit us, we decided it was time for us to visit the Brauneck peak as we hadn’t been there yet. We enjoyed the views and had a delicious lunch in the restaurant. I’d like to do some hiking there, perhaps later in the fall but surely next summer.

Take a look!

A view of Lenggries from the cable car ride to the top of the Brauneck

Looking in a southerly direction, toward Austria, from the top of Brauneck peak

Rosebud thought the Dragon Flyers were something else (the parasailer in the picture below). She’d go out onto the terrace, and when she saw the Dragon Flyers, she’d exclaim, “I LOVE it!” It was too funny!

Rosebud on the terrace of Brauneck peak, by the restaurant

Another view from Brauneck peak

Trails leading from the top of Brauneck

Daddy and Rosebud in the cable car

The Cheese Festival (Käsefestival) in Bad Tölz

I have been remiss in updating our blog but I will try to get caught up. We have certainly been busy this summer, despite the fact that much of the summer weather has been cool and rainy.

In early June, the nearby town of Bad Tölz held a cheese festival – the official website is here. This was the second year that the event was held, and we were duly impressed. In addition to featuring cheese from our region, the Tölzerland, and from nearby Allgäu, there were cheeses from other regions in Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy. One of the stands we visited featured French cheeses from the Pyrénées, a French region I know little about. I enjoyed speaking with the two people at the booth in French. I am not sure they actually spoke much German! They had several cheese varieties I could eat (made with pasteurized milk, as I’m avoiding unpasteurized cheese for now). David tasted the unpasteurized milk varieties, and he said they were excellent.

In addition to the sheer number of local and international cheeses we could sample, there were chocolates that had fillings made with cheese, some fresh-baked breads, a Bratwurst stand, local beer from Kloster Ettal and best of all, several wine stands with suggested cheese pairings. I am really looking forward to attending the festival next year so that I can try some of the wines along with the cheeses. Many of the featured wines were varieties that come from Franken (Franconia), such as Silvaner, and some others from Austria which are not commonly found in the United States, such as Grüner Veltliner, a favorite of mine.

As for the cheeses, there were so many different varieties I could not even begin to talk about them all. Of course, we happily sampled the Emmentaler cheese from the Allgäu, which is basically what we think of as Swiss cheese in the United States (but oh, so much tastier!). I got to have some of my beloved French Comté, which I think is still the cheese I love the most. I especially enjoyed the cheeses made in Tölz, particularly the goat cheeses. One thing I’d like to do in the coming year is learn more about the cheeses that are made in our region and the Allgäu. The cheese festival in Tölz was sort of a starting point for me in this journey, and since I could only taste some of the cheeses, I am eager to discover more.

Käsefestival, Bad Tölz

David sampling a wine at the cheese festival

As parents of a toddler, we especially appreciated all the kid-friendly activities. Rosebud was especially excited by the goats:

Goats attached to a small wooden cart for goat rides

Mama and Rosebud petting a goat

Rosebud was even more excited by the calf, who she got to pet and feed:

petting a calf

feeding straw to the calf

The festival also featured a number of different events, including guided wine and cheese tastings, music and a cheese walk. There was even a cooking duel between some of the local mayors (Iron Chef Bad Tölz?) We were really impressed by the festival itself and enjoyed the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. It was sehr gemütlich. Bad Tölz is my favorite town in Upper Bavaria, and the cheese festival is just one of the reasons why.

Summertime is Ice Cream Eating Time

Here are some cute photos of Rosebud enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day: