A visit to the US Consulate in Munich

I needed to get some American legal documents notarized. The easiest way to do this was to make an appointment at the US Consulate as they offer notary services for US citizens. The alternative would have been to have the documents translated and to schedule a visit with a German lawyer. I am so thankful to my friend Veronika, who, yet again, has given me invaluable advice! I had mentioned to her I needed notary services and she very practically suggested I find an American notary.

I went up to Munich this afternoon, and I have to say, everything went as smoothly as I could imagine. Rosebud stayed home with our babysitter, which was for the best. I don’t think she would have appreciated being dragged around on my errands today.

At the Consulate itself, security was quite tight as you might imagine. First, a security guard checked my name on the appointment list. Then, before going through the security checkpoint, I gave the guards my electronic devices. They were very nice and asked me all about Baby Budlet. They laughed when I said that Budlet may be an Oktoberfest baby.

Somehow, I had envisioned that the notary would have been in a private office, but in actuality, all the US citizen services were housed in its own building. It was pretty straight-forward; I gave my documents and passport to one of the administrative assistants, then paid for the services (not cheap!), and then when the notary was ready, I went to her window and got my documents notarized. The Munich notary seal was very fancy and official-looking.

After getting my documents notarized, I was able to send them right away from the post office. Then I had a little free time to myself, so I walked to the Marienplatz and the Viktualienmarkt (the open air market). I enjoyed having a few hours to myself, even though much of it was for business purposes. In Marienplatz, I treated myself to one of my favorite snacks, roasted and candied almonds. I always enjoy walking around the Viktualienmarkt as there are all kinds of interesting little shops and stands, selling comestibles of all sorts. It was especially fun to walk past the little Biergarten in the Viktualienmarkt, as there were TVs showing the Portugual-North Korea World Cup football game.

All in all, it was a fairly pleasant afternoon for me, and interesting visiting the US Consulate. We will need to go back once Baby Budlet is born, to get his passport and other official documents for the United States. It’s good that I am now familiar with the office because that will hopefully make things go as smoothly then as they did today.


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