Our little friend Christofer had his first birthday party, and friends of his and ours hosted the party at their Bavarian home in Vogelherd. The property is both stunning and inspirational. We all had a wonderful time, especially our little girls. They liked playing in the sandpit and running through the field. Rosebud got quite soaked but didn’t seem to mind, and I am incredibly grateful to my friend Veronika who lent us plenty of extra clothing! Next time, I will be prepared. I packed extra shirts and jackets, but for some reason, forgot extra pants and socks.

After tea time for Christofer’s birthday, we later had a cook-out and simply enjoyed being with everyone. I’ve mentioned before that one of my pregnancy cravings has been sauerkraut; I was quite lucky that the lady of the house made a fabulous homemade sauerkraut. I ate lots, and then she was pleased to send some of the leftovers home with me. Yum, yum! I am hoping she’ll share her recipe with me.

Photos from our evening at Vogelherd:

View from Vogelherd; the Benediktenwand mountains are to the left, and the Herzogstand is in the center.

Here’s the birthday boy!


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