Venezia, Part 2

The Bowman Family in Venice

For our first week in Venice, we purchased HelloVenezia travel cards and made excellent use of them, visiting many of the museums included in the cards, as well as traveling on the vaporetti water buses. As I wrote in my first post on Venice, we especially loved visiting the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) and the Piazza San Marco:

Piazza San Marco - Basilica and Duke's Palace

and the Correr Museum. Although I posted our complete photo albums previously, here is a selection of photos from Venice that I thought I’d share here:

A view of the Venetian Laguna from the public gardens

Rialto Bridge, along the Grand Canal, Venice

Daddy and Rosebud on one of the many little bridges

A different view of the Rialto Bridge

Piazza San Marco

Daddy and Rosebud

Gondolas in Venice

Santa Maria del Salute

A Venetian villa along the Grand Canal

For our second week in Italy, we did return to Venice a few times, but took a slightly more leisurely pace.

Rosebud rearranging sugar packets in a Venetian café

One of my favorite mornings was spent near the Mercato, or open air market. Although the market was close to the Grand Canal, it seemed to attract more of the local population. The fish displays were especially impressive, and it was fun seeing what types of produce were being offered.

Delicious fresh fish

Fresh fruits and vegetables at the Mercato

A fish display at the Venetian Market

Mercato in Venice

One of my friends commented on my previous entry on Venice that he was surprised to come across a Disney Store in Venice, and he mused, “Who goes shopping at the Disney Store in Venice?” Who indeed? As I unintentionally discovered, one of the answers to that question is parents of toddlers who need some diversion! As I commented to my friend,

I can shed some light on the Disney store. Yes, I have got a story!

Because, you see, during one lunchtime, Miss Rosebud got particularly fussy and simply wanted to walk around (plus, she ate little of the cheese pizza I ordered her and instead stole my lasagna!). Rosebud was, overall, great in all the restaurants on our vacation, but by this point she was just tired of having to be on her best manners, I think, and ready to walk around some.

She started to throw a toddler tantrum, as they do, and it just so happened that we were close to the Disney store. I walked her there, and that did the trick. When we walked in, she was delighted to see the rack of Minnie Mouse dolls (her favorite Disney character). She wanted to touch each one, she instantly calmed down and was happy.

So, there you go! Parents of toddlers throwing a tantrum go to the Disney store in Venice.

As you can see from the images, Venice is a gorgeous place to visit, with a beautiful sight almost every direction you look. It’s also historically such an interesting city, because of how it developed and its commercial importance as a seaport. I’m grateful that my husband picked this destination for us and did all the fantastic planning. It’s a vacation that we won’t ever forget.


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