Wurscht! It’s Wurscht!

Or, as Sean Connery as James Bond might be inclined to say, “Well, ish that the worsht you could do?”

My friend Veronika, who generously and eagerly answers all my questions about Bavaria and Bavarians (thank you, Veronika!) has set me straight: the expression “Das ist mir Wurscht!” is, first of all, a Bavarian expression. And secondly, it MUST be the Bavarian word Wurscht. Not Wurst. As she explained it (and I LOVE this explanation), if someone says Wurst as opposed to Wurscht, it sounds silly and clearly marks them as living north of the “so-called Weisswurst Equator”. It would be like a Yankee trying to sound like a Southerner in the US, I think. That there is a so-called Weisswurst-Äquator just thrills me!

I also found this blog post about Mett and how delicious it really is; this is a lovely little account of someone trying it for the first time:
Blood Sausages and Raw Meat. Barbaric!

And finally, there’s a Currywurst museum in Berlin that I so need to visit someday:
Currywurstmuseum (click on the English flag to read about it in English)

My friend Emilia, also a student of the culture and fluent in the language, reminded me that Currywurst was, in fact, invented by Germans. The cities of Hamburg and Berlin both claim provenance of creating the Currywurst. My bet is on Berlin and Frau Herta Heuwer who first served it at her stand in 1949, according to Wikipedia. Hamburg claims to have first served it in 1947 at a stand in Großneumarkt, but I’m more inclined to believe it was Frau Heuwer who invented the Currywurst (much to the chagrin of my Hamburger friends, I’m sure).

And finally, a song about Currywurst, by well-known German pop singer Herbert Grönemeyer (who, by the way, played a war correspondent in the film Das Boot):


gehse inne stadt
wat macht dich da satt
‘ne currywurst

kommse vonne schicht
wat schönret gibt et nich
als wie currywurst

mit pommes dabei
ach, dann gebense gleich zweimal currywurst

bisse richtig down
brauchse wat zu kaun
‘ne currywurst

willi, komm geh mit
ich krieg appetit
auf currywurst

ich brauch wat in bauch
für mein schwager hier auch noch ne currywurst

willi, is dat schön
wie wir zwei hier stehn
mit currywurst

willi, wat is mit dir
trinkse noch n’ bier
zur currywurst

ker scharf is die wurst
mensch dat gibt’n durst, die currywurst

bisse dann richtig blau
wird dir ganz schön flau
von currywurst

rutscht dat ding dir aus
gehse dann nach haus
coll currywurst

aufm hemd auffer jacke
ker wat ist dat ne k…. alles voll currywurst

komm willi
bitte, bitte, komm geh mit nach hause
hörma ich kriegse wenn ich so nach hause komm
willi, willi, bitte, du bisn kerl nach mein geschmack
willi, willi komm geh mit, bitte willi


4 responses to “Wurscht! It’s Wurscht!

  1. Interesting about the Weisswurst-Äquator! Like the Mason-Dixon line, like you said.

    I tend to think Currywurst is a Berlin thing, too, because I’ve heard in Hamburg it’s a little different, but I don’t know from experience.

    I tried Currywurst in Berlin last Fall and I wasn’t super impressed, because it is basically sausage with ketchup, but I went back and second time, I guess because I wanted Pommes rot/weis.

    By the way, have you heard of the walking sausage stands in Berlin? I don’t know if it’s moved outside of Berlin yet, but here is an article on it: http://nyti.ms/alYsPf

    I ate at them a few times, and they were really good!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      My first Currywurst ever was in Hamburg, and it was yummy. The bratwurst was sprinkled with curry powder and then served with curry ketchup. And of course you have to have the Pommes.

      I’ve never heard of the walking sausage stands – that’s so cool! I’m hoping they’ll come to München.

  2. Hi,
    i’m from Hesse… and I also say: “das is mir doch worscht” 🙂


    Hessian Lotte

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Hallo Lotte, sehr interessant, dass man auch Worscht in Hesse sagt! Viele schöne Grüße und danke für das Besuch zu meinem Blog.

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