A year in Bavaria (2009)

A year ago on January 23rd, we arrived in the Munich airport and began our new life in Bavaria. I’ll never forget our first glimpse of our new home in the winter – it had just snowed, and the trees looked like they had been topped with marshmallows. We settled in an apartment at the Berggeist hotel in Penzberg, and I remember it took a good two weeks before Rosebud and I adjusted to the time change.

And here we are, settled in our house and comfortable in our new life. It’s amazing to me that a year has already gone by, and what a wonderful year it has been! We’ve explored our little corner of upper Bavaria and enjoyed all the hiking outdoors. What I enjoy the most about living here, I think, is taking part in the local culture, which includes the hiking. Germans have a special word, Wanderlust, which is the desire to travel and explore the world. I include hiking in that definition! One of the huge advantages to living where we do is living relatively close to all these amazing travel destinations.

Other highlights of the year have included:
moving into our house in February
Aunt Karen’s visit in May, which included a vacation in Salzburg and Vienna, and also mountain hiking in Eng, Austria
our travel to the States in June for Aunt Ro’s wedding and also my college reunion and visiting with friends and family
Claire and Estelle’s visit in July
our travel to France to visit Claire at the end of October
Shelby, Kevin and Theo’s visit in early December
a mini vacation in London, shortly before Christmas, spend with Libby and Steph
travel to the States for Christmas and New Year’s

I think this next year will go by just as quickly, and I’m sure it is equally full of wonderful adventures to come. We know already that the Bowman side of our family will visit, and one of my college friends plans to visit us, too. As a family, we hope to travel in northern Italy and we also would like to return to the UK to visit with our friends. We’d like to be back in the US for Christmas as well.


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