The Malt beer that wasn’t

Funny story – when I was grocery shopping on Friday, I wanted to select a few beers that David had not yet tried. I decided to try some Oettinger beers. As I was scanning the vast selection of brands and types of beers, I caught sight of an Oettinger label that said Malz, or malt. I thought, “Great! I love malt beers!” and proceeded to add a few bottles to my basket.

When I got home, I excitedly showed David that I had found a malt beer to try. Then my eye fell on the label and I noticed it said that it was alcohol-free and also an “erfrischende Malztrunk für die ganze Familie” – a refreshing Malt beverage for the whole family. Hmmmm….

We chilled one down, opened the bottle and poured it into a beer glass. David took the first sip. His first thought was, “What IS this? It tastes like soda-pop.” Then he said to me, “I’m not too sure of this. It doesn’t taste right.” I was curious. I took a sip and it was definitely not what I was expecting. Maybe if I had been expecting a malt beverage rather than a malt beer I would have liked it.

I am going to try making beer bread with the remaining bottles, because I think that might be the best way to use up our refreshing malt beverage for the whole family.


One response to “The Malt beer that wasn’t

  1. Jaja, Americans… idea of what tastes good. I love Malzbier! Try the original, it’s called “Karamalz”. Icecold. And by the way, it’s no beer at all, just – as David assumed already – kind of a soda-pop. But it makes a nice “foam” when poured into a glass and children can pretend to drink beer….guess that sounds very stupid to the rest of the world but it’s popular children’s drink in Bavaria.

    Did you have a traditional Bavarian breakfast yet?

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