Boarisch/Baierisch, or the Bavarian language, is nigh impossible for me to understand. Germans from other regions say the same thing, as it really is a different language, although one that is based on High German. Gradually I am learning a few words here and there. For example, one of my neighbors seems to speak a blend of regular German and Boarisch. Consequently, I only understand about half of what she says, although usually I can get the gist of what she means. Sometimes it’s quite funny when she’s explaining something to me. I get this look of “what?” on my face; she smiles and thinks of another way to say what she means. And then there are times when I simply have no idea and I change the subject!

I just discovered that there are some Wikipedia entries written in Bavarian. It’s rather fun for me to try and read the words and attempt to wrap my head around what it all means. If I pretend I am speaking German with a Bavarian accent (ha!) it starts to make a little more sense.


One response to “Boarisch

  1. This is funny. I as a German don’t understand Boarisch either! A couple of years ago I was taking the ICE train to Munich, and there seemed to be a problem with my ticket. The train conductor kept telling me something (in Boarisch), he repeated it again and again, but I couldn’t understand ANYTHING. So in the end, he gave up and went away. I keep telling this story every time when someone says something about Boarisch – ;o).

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