The First Snow

A week after our visit to Walchensee, on a warm and gorgeous day, the weather drastically changed and we had our first snow.


On this morning, Rosebud and I went into the city of Penzberg very early, for she had an appointment to get some vaccinations.

Rosebud was very confused when we woke her up at 6 am, and bundled her up that morning in her winter jacket.


We took the bus at 6:30 am. The ground was collecting snow, and the trees already looked like they had been dusted in powdered sugar.

Once in Penzberg Rosebud and I had some hot chocolate at a café, and then we walked to her doctor’s office to arrive as soon as it opened. She was very brave at her appointment, and then we caught the bus to return back home. Since she had been to the doctor’s for two shots, I thought it would be nice for us to walk to the bakery around the corner, and get her eine Breze, or Pretzel. In this video, you will see Rosebud all bundled up as we get ready to go for our short walk, and also the first snow falling.

We have had several days of snow since I took this video.

Today was, in fact, a mix of rain and snow all throughout the day. For about half an hour this afternoon, the sun came out and we decided to take a quick walk in our neighborhood before the weather turned again. We put Rosebud in our backpack carrier and walked briskly. We noticed the stark demarcation between snow that had gathered on the trees on the mountain, and where the snow tapered off. As the weeks lead to November, I am sure the snow line will creep down toward our neighborhood.



One response to “The First Snow

  1. I can’t believe you guys are already having snow…though with the weather cool as it is here, I won’t be surprised if we get our first snow soon! I’m so glad Ronnie’s coat still fits! She looks adorable! I especially loved the videos of her running around the lake and saying ‘cow’! Thanks for posting all of these….it makes me feel like she and you are near even when you’re not. Justin and I have been studying all weekend…not so much fun…but maybe someday that will all be done!! Miss you all much! Give a kiss to Ronni and tell David hello from us!

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