A bicycling accident

David likes to ride his bicycle to work whenever he can. Since our town is essentially uphill from where he works, David’s ride in the morning is fairly easy, but coming back in the afternoon involves more work. He says it takes him about half an hour to ride to Penzberg, and forty-five minutes to return to our town of Bad Heilbrunn.

On Monday morning, I was surprised when at 8:30 or so, I heard David return to our house. It turned out he had been in an accident. Apparently, when he was turning left onto the path toward Penzberg, a woman in a car wasn’t looking or paying attention. David thinks she was texting/phoning or looking at her GPS. The woman either clipped the end of his bike, or caused him to swerve off the road. David flipped over his bike, landing in a farm field which, fortunately, was soft due to a mix of soil and manure.

We immediately went to the local doctor in our town. The doctor documented everything and said that since David was on his way to work, it’s considered a work accident and we don’t have to pay a thing for doctor’s visits. (At the most, however, we would have had to pay 20 Euro). The local doctor sent David to a clinic in Bad Tölz, where he saw an orthopedic specialist. They took seven x-rays to make sure there were no broken bones. There weren’t. Instead, David has soft tissue damage and was given a note to take the rest of the week off. He has been at home, recuperating, and will return to work on Monday.

We are very grateful that David was not more seriously injured. It could have been so much worse.

The bike itself has a bent wheel, derailleur, broken shifter and possibly a bent fork. We took it to a bike shop in Bad Tölz, and hopefully it will be repaired quickly. Despite this upsetting accident, David is eager to be back on his bike, riding into work.


5 responses to “A bicycling accident

  1. So glad to hear he had no broken bones and is ready to go back to work. We;ve been thinking of him, and all of you. If you want to video chat tomorrow, it would need to be at about 9:30 or so our time, because we are headed to Greensburg after that to visit Paula Matt and little Owen who are in town for a week. Let us know!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      We are so glad, too! I am looking forward to chatting with you in about an hour!! Yay! I am in need of some Tia and Uncle J. therapy, as are Rosebud and David. 😀

  2. Melinda,

    Tim told me about Dave’s accident earlier this week. So very glad that it wasn’t more serious! We both hope he’s feeling better and that you enjoyed being together for the week. What generous care they give in Bavaria!

    We have just about completed painting the downstairs. I have trim work and the laundry room to do yet, but that will have to wait until after the semester ends. It’s a very small space, so tedium is sure be my constant companion as I work. :^( Would you like me to post pictures on facebook?

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Hi Mandi – I would LOVE to see the pictures on Facebook. I bet the downstairs looks great! We really miss you. I hope that we can spend some time together in December. Maybe we could go shopping in Noblesville.

  3. Julia Keller-Welter

    Yep! My brother almost got killed on his motorcycle behind a semi-trailer truck…after he left the hospital, he found another motorcycle and didn’t skip a beat!!! Bicycles are way more dangerous! I would have some new phobis if I were in an accident!!!

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