Rosebud Stories

Since many of you love hearing about Rosebud, I thought I would write a little about her latest adventures.

She’s definitely a toddler now, and at times her frustration leads to the infamous toddler tantrums. But all things considered, Rosebud is usually easy-going and a happy little kid. I feel very lucky to have such a sweet-tempered daughter.

Rosebud said a new word today, which was cookie. She often reaches for her Butterkeks – a butter cookie, kind of like graham crackers. Now she’ll be able to request them in addition to reaching for them! Interestingly, I’d say she hears the English word “cookie” as frequently as the German word “Keks” and also the British/Austrialian word “biscuit”. I am completely intrigued as to why she decided to use the word cookie instead of Keks or biscuit. I’m really enjoying hearing and seeing her language and cognitive skills develop.

Yesterday evening, Rosebud was looking at the picture of a dog in one of her books. She pointed to the picture and then said to me: “It’s not a kitty. It’s a doggie.” I about fell out of my chair! That’s rather sophisticated for a 16-month year old child. However, my mother-in-law told me that David was the same way, so she clearly takes after her daddy.

The weather has been very fall-like in the past few weeks. It was foggy and chilly yesterday morning, but by the afternoon, the sun had come out and it warmed up quite nicely. I put Rosebud in our baby backpack and we set off on another fantastic hike, toward the tiny hamlet of Hub, a farming community which you can see on this map (the blue dot marks the community of Hub, and the blue line is the trail we hiked):

We saw many, many cows along the way. Rosebud was fascinated! The sky was mostly clear where we walked, but we could also see low clouds and fog descending upon the mountains which you could see from Hub. It was really quite a gorgeous sight, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take a photograph of it. Perhaps I can get a similar photograph on another day. One thing is sure, though – the new baby backpack has been such a good purchase (thank you, Aunt K). It allows Rosebud and me to hike in areas, such as Hub, where a stroller would have been impractical. I love it!

Rosebud and I are on our own for a few days, as David is in Berlin on a conference. He is staying in the Kurfürstendamm area of Berlin, which, I believe, is one of the nicest areas in Berlin. It’s definitely a great place to go shopping (or perhaps, just window shopping). David is really enjoying Berlin, even though he’s mostly busy with his conference. Maybe he will write a post about Berlin when he gets back, as I know all of you would enjoy reading about that.

Since we’re on our own, Rosebud and I had a lovely little “girl’s night” this evening. We did some drawings, read plenty of books (one of Rosebud’s favorite activities) and then we watched Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray (the movie looks stunning on Blu-ray). Rosebud snuggled with me on my lap and hardly moved at all during the movie, so I think she really liked it. Either that, or she was a sleeping beauty herself. 😉 I suspect some of each is true.

Tomorrow we are heading up to München-Brunnthal to go shopping at IKEA. It should be fun! Among other things, I’m looking forward to the Köttbullar, or Swedish meatballs, if we have time to eat at the IKEA restaurant. Mmm, Swedish meatballs. Rosebud is very fond of them, so I will probably get a big plate to share with her.


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