A Rosebud update

On August 13th, Rosebud joined the upright crowd and took her first steps, unassisted. What a thrilling moment that was! She’s doing great with her walking and will soon add running to her repertoire. I was looking back at pictures we’ve taken of her when she was a newborn, and thought to myself just how much a child changes from birth to their first birthday. I’m also asking myself, when did Rosebud become a toddler? It feels like it happened overnight. She was a baby, and now she is not.

A week ago, we visited her pediatrician for a routine visit and a booster shot. Rosebud now weights 8,590 grams (18.94 pounds) and is 72 centimeters tall (2.3 feet tall, or a little over 28 inches). I believe that her second cousin, who is now about nine months old, weighs more than her. She’s wee, but I’m not concerned. She’s growing well, developing well and devouring pretty much everything in sight. For example: Rosebud likes peas, and I mean, she really, really likes them, and has now added the word “pea” to her ever-expanding vocabulary:

She is even uttering short sentences, such as: “Dis is a bubu” (bubu is her word for book, one of her obsessions) and “Dis is a ditty” (ditty = kitty, another one of her obsessions) and even this amazing sentence: “Dis is a bubu ditty”, whereupon she brought me her book about cats. 😮 Some other words that we understand include blankie, doggie, duckie, tea (she has a play teapot), hello, bye bye, baby, what’s this?, bunny and apple. She’s been adding one new word a day to her spoken vocabulary, all in English. Of course, this makes logical sense as English is what we speak at home. When we’re out and about, we’ll speak in German some of the time, but primarily she hears English.

As a language teacher who has studied how children learn and develop their language skills, it’s been fascinating for me to see it in action. And, unsurprisingly, Rosebud seems very interested in anything having to do with language (after all, her parents are avid readers). Lately she’s even wanted to curl up in bed with a good book to look at the pictures.

Here’s a video of Rosebud playing with some colored pencils, which she quickly abandons in favor of playing on Mama and interacting with the video camera:

And this video shows her at play in her bedroom:

We are very proud of our delightful little girl!


6 responses to “A Rosebud update

  1. Congratulations on a walking Rosebud! I suppose that the childproofed zone must be expanded accordingly. And it’s no surprise that a child of yours loves language and books.

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Our fragile items have been put away and other things keep moving up and up and up…

      Even though it was probably a forgone conclusion about her love of books, we have breathed a sigh of relief!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Justin and I just watched these adorable videos!! Thanks for posting them!! It was so fun to see her walk!!! Also, we can’t believe she has so many words and even sentences!! Let’s plan to video chat soon. We are busy this weekend…my brother’s wedding! But the following weekends we may be free to chat on Sunday. Let me know if you can. WE miss you soo much!!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Congratulations to your brother!! I’m so excited for him and his soon-to-be-wife. Tell your family we say hello, too.

      We would love to chat with you a week from Sunday, the 14th. That will work perfectly well for us, and we can’t wait! Maybe Rosebud will even “chat” with you.

      You know what, David and I are now totally hooked on SYTYCD. In the middle of July, David went to a conference mid-week and I asked him to download the episodes for me so I could watch them. His response was, “but, but, I want to see them with you!” I thought that was great. I was pleased Jeanine won but would have been equally happy with Brandon. We’re eager to watch the new series.

  3. The videos are soooo cute!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Thank you! I believe I will forever laugh at the video about peas, because she just gets so excited. It’s amazing when they first start talking, isn’t it?

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