Eating ice cream can be a dangerous activity

It was a gorgeous hot summer day today. Since the weather is highly unpredictable here in Bavaria, especially as close to the mountains as we are, I decided that today was a day for swimming. Rosebud and I caught the bus that goes from our neighborhood to the town of Benediktbeuern, because there’s a nice public outdoor swimming pool there.

Originally my plan was to take pictures of Rosebud at the pool; not only because of the cute baby factor, but because the backdrop is equally stunning. From the pool grounds, you can clearly see the mountains (possibly even the Zugspitze in Garmisch, the highest peak in Germany; it’s about a half hour to the southwest of Benediktbeuern). But as my friend Jane often says, “plans are made to be changed.”

Rosebud and I arrived in Benediktbeuern, outfitted with our typical baby gear and also our swimming gear. On the way to meet up with our friends who were going swimming with us, Rosebud and I stopped for ice cream.

Ice cream. It’s always good, on a hot summer day or even a bitterly cold winter day (trust me on this one – when I lived in Wisconsin, there was something thrilling about eating ice cream when the temperature outside dropped below zero). Here in Germany, many ice cream cafés offer Italian-style gelato. It’s creamy and flavorful, and I don’t think as sweet as most American-style ice creams. Some of my favorite flavors are Bacio (hazelnut), Straciatella (chocolate chip), Quark (like yogurt) and Amarena (cherry with a vanilla base).

At one of the main corners in Benediktbeuern, there is such an Italian ice cream café. I parked Rosebud in the shade, by a bench lined with a hedge. I stepped up to the window, and ordered a dish of yogurt ice cream for Rosebud (creamy and tangy, not too sweet) and a waffle cone of perfection for myself: one scoop of grapefruit and one scoop of fresh cherry. Those who know me well know that I am extremely fond of citrus, especially grapefruit. It was sublime. The cherry was delicious too, a sweeter compliment to the tart grapefruit ice cream.

cherry and grapefruit ice cream cone, and a dish of yogurt ice cream for Rosebud

cherry and grapefruit ice cream cone, and a dish of yogurt ice cream for Rosebud

Anyway, I sat down with Rosebud. She’s at that age where she wants to assert her independence; at the moment, this means controlling the spoon. Since she was in her stroller and since we were going swimming, I figured why not let her try to eat her ice cream all by herself? She had a marvelous time, pointing the spoon the wrong way round, glopping bits of ice cream on the ground (miraculously not getting her own clothes dirty) and more often than not, actually getting some ice cream in her mouth. It was too cute.

Mom, I can feed myself!

Mom, I can feed myself!

Want some?

Want some?

Then, she decided that the hedge needed some of her ice cream. She scooped some ice cream from her dish, and started to give it to the hedge. She did it again. And, at this point, I started laughing hysterically. She started laughing because I was laughing. I reached for my camera to get a picture of this moment.

And then.

Disaster struck!

Due to my frivolity, I dropped my camera which struck the brick pavement. When I heard the thud, I thought to myself, “Oh, that can’t be good.” I managed to snap one last picture, but there’s a shadow from the lens cover. And alas, the lens no longer retracts properly. This camera, a Nikon Coolpix, has been my trusty sidekick for awhile. I hope that we can find another camera that we like as well as we did this one.

The last picture

The last picture

We do have a wonderful video camera, which has the ability to take still images. I’ll be using that in the meantime, but in terms of taking photographs, it’s just not the same!


3 responses to “Eating ice cream can be a dangerous activity

  1. Kevin and I always joke about Germans and their ice cream. It was like–only in Germany can it there be an inch of snow on the ground and literally snowflakes pouring from the sky, and you’ll see not one, not two, but THREE people at the outdoor bus stop eating ice cream!

  2. I ate ice cream in Berlin when it was snowing (on June 1st, I might add!)!

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