Tasty Pastry

Of course, when you are living in a new place, it is imperative that you explore your surroundings through its food.

Today I stopped by our local bakery to buy some rolls (called either Semmeln or Brötchen, although Semmeln is more commonly used in Bavaria). I decided to buy myself this delectable treat:


It’s a cream puff filled with Bavarian cream and sour cherries. I can’t even begin to describe how tasty it was.
Rosebud was pretty excited by this pastry as well. She helped me eat it, and in fact, got upset when I would stop to take a bite myself.


2 responses to “Tasty Pastry

  1. Wow, that pastry looks amazing!

    I have been out of the loop for way too long and didn’t know about your new-country adventure. So nice to have you on my continent – it sounds like you’re settling in really well 🙂

    Sally xx

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Saliekat! How wonderful to hear from you! Now that we’re on the continent, I’m seriously hoping we will be able to visit you.

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