Don your hiking boots and take a walk with me to Mürnsee

Mia told me that it rained pretty much every day in June, and that the temperatures were cool; so far, that trend seems to be continuing into July. I expected it to be much the same yesterday, but contrary to the weather forecast, the afternoon was gorgeous. Rosebud and I set out on a walk from our house in Ostfeld (Bad Heilbrunn) to the little town of Mürnsee. The path we went was a little over five kilometers one way, so it ended up being quite a long walk.

Here’s a map of the path we walked:

We headed first toward Ramsau. When we got there, we stood by the roadside for a few minutes to admire the cows. Rosebud learned that cows have huge tongues, and that they are very noisy when chomping down on the grass. She was very interested in observing them.

Hey mom, let's look at the cows. (in Ramsau)

Hey mom, let's look at the cows. (in Ramsau)

We enjoyed the countryside and we walked along the farm fields from Ramsau to Reindlschmiede.


It was a gusty afternoon, so at times our hair looked like this:

Mom, look at my hair!

Mom, look at my hair!


Most of the walking paths are also farm paths. They’re clearly marked so you know where you are going, and these signs also describe the terrain of the walking path.

I admired this barn:


Finally we reached Reindlschmiede. I had to take a picture of this gorgeous Bavarian home.

I also loved this sign post, because it shows the relationship Reindlschmiede has with the surrounding area.

The sign is written in traditional Blackletter, sometimes referred to as Fraktur in German after the font name. As a general rule, German is no longer written in this style but you’ll still see things written this way. I’ve noticed that this is especially true in the south, where we live.

Of course, we need another cute Rosebud picture. I took this one peering through the netting of her stroller, which gives this picture a neat effect.

Hi, Mom.

Hi, Mom.

After walking through Reindlschmiede, which is essentially a cluster of houses, we headed west toward Mürnsee.
Now, generally speaking, if a town has the word “See” in it, you can expect that there will be a lake. I was hoping to sit awhile next to Mürnsee’s lake. I was confused when I didn’t find a lake. I did see this…

Mürnsee Pond, I mean, Lake.

Mürnsee Pond, I mean, Lake.

…and then realized that this was the infamous Mürnsee Lake. So much for getting to enjoy a sunny summer afternoon by the lake.

We walked a bit further in Mürnsee and discovered this field, right next to the volunteer Fire Station:

Home, home on the range, where the deer and the Bavarian cattle play...

Home, home on the range, where the deer and the Bavarian Cattle play...

Yes, you are seeing that right – it’s a teepee! This is not what you expect to see on a stroll through upper Bavaria. It got me thinking, though. You just never know what hidden treasures you’ll discover in a small town.

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk, which took a leisurely three hours. Next time, I’ll think about looking at a map ahead of time so that I can indeed find a pretty lake.


4 responses to “Don your hiking boots and take a walk with me to Mürnsee

  1. Julia Keller-Welter

    I love to hear of the “adventures of Rosebud and her Mom”! I hope you save everything and write a book!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Julia! So good to hear from you. I hadn’t thought about turning this blog into a book. Maybe I will. Rosebud would treasure that when she gets older – thank you for the idea. 🙂

      How is your grand-baby doing? He’s soooo cute.

  2. What a wonderful walk (even without the lake). I like the cows as well! As always, cute pics of Rosebud and wonderful pics of the gorgeous scenery! I hope you do find a lake, that is not disguising itself as a pond.

    • bowmansinbavaria

      I was so hoping that there would be a nice lake! It’s really great to get out in the fresh air like that. Once I have a car, we’ll be able to go some other neat places. Can’t wait!

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