May Day

Things have been relatively quiet for the past week, although I find myself in disbelief that it is already May. Recently, we have had cooler/wetter weather, so Rosebud and I haven’t been outside as much. We did have a nice family celebration for her first birthday on Wednesday. She loves her new toys and clothes! David and I each gave her children picture books in German.

This past Friday was May Day. Here in Germany it’s a national holiday, and also the day when many towns erect their May Pole. Since we don’t have a car, we weren’t able to see a May Pole being put up. We’ll have to do that next year. Each town around here has its own May Pole, and they tend to be decorated with trade signs from local businesses, garlands and often, Bavarian flags or painted with the Bavarian colors (light blue and white).

I took Rosebud to have some formal photography portraits done this morning. She was a little tired and cranky, and it didn’t help that she tumbled off one of the props she was sitting on. Despite this minor setback, she looked tremendously cute in her Dirndl and some other outfits. We will see the proofs on Saturday so we can order prints, for when we visit our family and friends in the US in June.

Tomorrow, our friend Lou will be induced for her second baby. We are excited to find out whether she is having a girl or a boy! While Lou and her husband are in the hospital, I will be watching their daughter and Rosebud’s playmate Abi. They will have so much fun together, but come Friday, I might be a bit frazzled. Wish me luck!


One response to “May Day

  1. Happy birthday, Rosebud!

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