Land of Lakes: Starnbergersee

I have gotten a bit behind in my updates!

Rosebud is teething so we have had a few sleepless nights. Perhaps tonight she will sleep better.
Her first birthday is on Wednesday, which is very exciting! I am not really sure what we will do, but it will of course involve a lemon birthday cake. In the past few weeks, she’s taken a great interest in solid food, so I think she’ll have fun with her cake.

Anyway, the weather has been gorgeous this April – an anomaly, I am told. One afternoon, we went to the Starnbergersee, or Lake Starnberg.

This lake is a well-loved tourist destination. King Ludwig II, the fairy tale king, spent time at the Schloss Berg (Castle Berg) which is situated on the lake. King Ludwig II was apparently found dead near this castle. My friend Mia tells me it is more likely he was murdered than drowned, because he was known to be an excellent swimmer. I don’t know if we will ever know how Ludwig died, but the theories abound!

We decided to go to the town of Starnberg, as there is a nice walkway and park along the lake. The water is amazingly clear and blue. This is our friend and Rosebud’s playmate, Abi:

Abi feeding the swans

Abi feeding the swans

(I see London, I see France… okay, okay, I don’t have a pair of panties to go with the dress! Bad Mommy! 😆 )



Playing in the park on Lake Starnberg

Playing in the park on Lake Starnberg

Happy Rosebud

Happy Rosebud

It was one of those perfect lazy days, walking around a bit and then sitting by the lake to enjoy the cool breezes. Here’s hoping the rest of the spring weather is as nice!

Side note: King Ludwig II comes from the House of Wittelsbach, which you can read about here.


2 responses to “Land of Lakes: Starnbergersee

  1. She is getting to be such a big girl, especially in the picture of her feeding the swans.

    • bowmansinbavaria

      She’s growing, although she’s still on the small side. Abi was feeding the swans and almost got bit by one of them!

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