Die Spargelzeit

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Germans take their Spargel very seriously. What is it, you ask? Why, it is asparagus!
Especially appreciated is the white asparagus. Germans are mad about it when it is in season in the spring. All over the countryside, little asparagus stands have suddenly appeared, making it convenient to buy some fresh asparagus on your way home from work. This afternoon, I stopped by the little stand near our house, as Rosebud and I were coming back from the grocery.

There was some green asparagus, but I opted for the white asparagus this time. The gentleman in the booth was very happy to talk to me about the asparagus and how to prepare it. He even gave me a little brochure from the asparagus farm, Spargelhof Lohner. It’s nice to know that my asparagus is locally grown.

White asparagus has a more delicate flavor than green asparagus. If you think that green asparagus is too bitter, you might like the white asparagus because of its sweeter taste. I believe that it is kept out of direct sunlight to get the white color. The next time I buy asparagus from the little stand, I shall have to ask about that.

Also, white asparagus needs to be peeled because the stalk is tougher than the thinner green variety.

Peeling Spargel (white asparagus)

Peeling Spargel (white asparagus)

I put my asparagus in a special pot, which our German friend Rafael gave us a few years ago. It has a wire basket which you can see in this picture. The wire basket doesn’t work very well for the green asparagus, because of how thin it is, but the basket it ideal for white asparagus.

Cooking white asparagus

Cooking white asparagus

The asparagus vendor suggested I cook the asparagus for about twenty minutes in water, with a bit of butter, salt and a pinch of sugar. I decided to use a bit of honey instead of the sugar. I also made a citrus glaze to drizzle on top of the asparagus. It was delicious!


4 responses to “Die Spargelzeit

  1. Ooh, Spargel! I miss it! Well, the green kind is readily and happily available here right now, too. I’ve been making fresh cream-of-asparagus soup like it’s going out of style! I also like asparagus with a mustard-flavored white sauce (flour/butter base and add in whatever mustard you like).

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Oooh, cream of asparagus soup! You have inspired me to make some of that this weekend. Traditionally, Germans like hollandaise sauce with their Spargel. I haven’t tried it with mustard – that sounds delicious!

  2. So, I’m the living proof for your theory about Germans’ craziness about white asparagus, huh? Yes, we DO take our “Spargel” very seriously. I loved your post because it is soooo true and you just hit the mark! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Do you mind me adding you to my blogroll?

    • bowmansinbavaria

      I’m glad my post is spot-on. Please do add me to your blogroll! I think I need to buy some more Spargel tomorrow.

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