Baby Dirndl

Before I write about Rosebud’s Dirndl, I want to thank all of you who left such thought-provoking comments on my last entry (“Du” versus “Sie”). I really enjoyed reading what all of you had to say; I will be responding in the next day or so. If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments, they’re a fascinating read!

As Rosebud will be a year old at the end of this month (how did she get to be a year old?!?), I decided to buy her a baby Dirndl for her birthday.

What’s a Dirndl? It’s the traditional dress for women in Bavaria (much like Lederhosen are the traditional pants for men). Usually the dress is made from linen; traditionally, the dirndl is actually a bodice and a skirt but I’ve seen some that are a one-piece dress. An apron typically goes over the dress, and usually women wear a blouse under the dress. The front of the dress usually has buttons. In nearby Bad Tölz, there are several shops that sell Dirndls. They can be quite expensive! One that I found online for Rosebud would have set me back about 60 Euro.

On the weekends, many women here will wear their Dirndl. This is especially true if there is a holiday or a festival (hence the reason why I wanted one for Rosebud’s first birthday). I’ve noticed that in restaurants, the wait staff will wear the traditional Bavarian dress.

My friend Mia and I decided to check out a used clothing shop in Bad Tölz, in the hopes that we might fight a baby Dirndl for Rosebud. The perfect Dirndl was waiting for us. It was only 6 Euro, and I think it was made by hand (there aren’t any tags and it has a hand-sewn look to it). I’m so pleased with how sweet it looks on Rosebud, and I love the bright red color – perfect!

On the day I took these pictures, it was a bit chilly and Rosebud wasn’t too happy to be outside. When the weather warms up, I will take some more pictures in the hopes that she’ll look a bit more cheerful in her pretty dress.


3 responses to “Baby Dirndl

  1. Love the dirndl!!! What a cute idea for her 1st birthday!! Adorable!

  2. The red is really beautiful on Miss Rosebud. What a great find for 6 Euro.

    In “Pretty red Dirndl”, Rosebud looks like she is thinking, “mom, time to go in”

  3. Super cute!

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