A visit to Bad Tölz

A few weekends ago, we decided to spend our Saturday in Bad Tölz:

It’s a lovely little Bavarian town, only 10 km from our house. Bad Tölz has a nice walking path beside the Isar River (München – Munich – is also located on the Isar). Once the weather gets nicer, I will enjoy walking there with Rosebud during the week.

Here are a few pictures of our day out in Bad Tölz! The little church is called Maria Himmelfahrt, or Church of the Assumption, which you can read about in German here. One charming detail about the church is that the pews are numbered with nameplates, marking the seats of the original parishioners from when it was built.

After visiting the church, we enjoyed a Bavarian meal in the Tölzer Bräustüberl”, a tavern/restaurant that features traditional Bavarian meals. The wait staff was dressed in Bavarian garb, and a number of the locals were, too. Everyone paid special attention to our charming Rosebud. The food was delicious; I had a lightly smoked, roasted pork chop along with sauerkraut and riced potatoes. The pork chops here are slightly different from what we have in the states, maybe because it’s smoked. The sauerkraut soaked up the juices from the pork chops – yummy!

We enjoyed our little jaunt to Bad Tölz and look forward to returning soon.


One response to “A visit to Bad Tölz

  1. Toni Tumbusch

    Love the photo with the little Bowman ‘Bud and her daddy. They look very comfortable and sweet together! I’m with you about the pork chops. I have never chops as good here as I had over there!

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