Der Schnee

It’s been a snowy winter here in Oberbayern.  The previous two winters were quite mild and unusually snow-free. Several people have told me that they’re relieved this winter has been so snowy and cold, because it’s good for the environment and for the winter sports industry.

A few days before we moved into our house, I would say we got about eight inches of snow. Then on our moving day and for about a week after that, it pretty much snowed constantly. I think we may have got about two feet of snow, total. Here are some pictures that give you an idea of what our neighborhood and house look like, covered in the snow!

From Rosebud's balcony

From Rosebud's balcony


In this photo, our walkway/garden area is relatively protected from the snow because the roof extends quite far. Most of the bavarian houses have roofs like this to keep walkways and other areas protected from heavy snowfalls. It’s a very practical building design.

Our little walkway/garden area

Our little walkway/garden area

We had to really pile up the snow on the sides of our driveway. We tried hard not to put to much by our neighbor’s garden gate, because of the weight of the snow.

Our neighbor's garden gate

Our neighbor's garden gate

Here’s our driveway. I decided to put Rosebud in my baby carrier and attempt shoveling the snow. The other neighbors had done a good job of removing their snow, so I did not want to be outdone! (In case you are wondering why David hadn’t done it already, it is because he had left the house very early to catch the bus to work, and he was going to arrive home after dark.)

Our driveway in need of shoveling

Our driveway in need of shoveling

In this self-portrait, Rosebud looks dubious at my efforts of shoveling the snow. But actually, she had a great time riding around in the baby carrier as I piled the snow on the side of the driveway. She was chatty the whole time, as if she was giving a running commentary of my efforts to shovel the driveway. We did a good job cleaning off the driveway!

Mom, I'm not too sure about this.

Mom, I'm not too sure about this.

I rather like this self-portrait of myself, too:

self-portrait of Melinda

self-portrait of Melinda

It is snowing a little today, but not nearly as much as it had.
David told me he was really astounded by the amount of snow we got here. I must admit, it didn’t really faze me – having grown up in Rochester, NY, that amount of snow wasn’t unusual because of the lake effect. But now my husband knows what I mean when I talk about an upstate NY winter!


8 responses to “Der Schnee

  1. Nice photos, Melinda! And, nice work with the shoveling. It reminds me of those Rochester snows as well… they taught me a lot about shoveling back in the day. (oh, this is Katy “Wing” by the way.) 🙂

  2. Jenna Meaker

    I love seeing all your great pictures of your adventures in Bavaria! It almost feels like I’m there for a second, and I don’t mind admitting that I wish I were. So exciting, and what a beautiful place! Your house fills me with warm fuzzies.

    Thanks for sharing so much with us. It’s wonderful. 🙂

  3. So beautiful!! I do miss the snow, now that I’ve been away from it long enough to forget what a PITA it can be when you need to go somewhere :lol:.

  4. It looks so beautiful there!
    And your hair is CUTE!!!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Thank you, Holly – it always feels good to have a cute hairstyle. I only wish I could import my hairdresser in Indianapolis.

      The scenery here is just amazing. I will never get tired of looking at the mountains.

  5. Oh, you grew up in upstate NY!!! I spent a study abroad year in Potsdam, NY, and absolutely LOVED it!

    • bowmansinbavaria

      Small world! I grew up in Rochester, NY. One of my best friends went to Clarkson U. so I’ve spent some time up in Potsdam. It’s beautiful up there. Where we live now reminds me a lot of NY state.

  6. Yes, it IS a small world. I went to Clarkson U., too ;o).

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