We’ve arrived!

(January 23, 2009)
It’s 3:30 am in Penzberg and I cannot sleep. I did get up with Rosebud a few hours ago as she also was awake. She is blissfully sleeping now.

We had an absolutely smooth day of travel yesterday. It could not have gone better. Rosebud was a little charmer and she was great in the plane. One flight attendant in particular was just SO excited to have a baby on board and entertained Rosebud. Now that she is on antibiotics, her ear infection is not giving her any trouble whatsoever and she is back to her old self. Even before we left, Rosebud was feeling much better so I figured she would do fine.

We’re in a little vacation apartment here in Penzberg. It’s cozy but comfortable. Oddly, though, there is just one closet and no chest of drawers or anything like that, so I need to figure out how we’ll arrange our clothing. We’ll be here for four weeks and I don’t want to be living out of my suitcase the whole time.

There’s a lack of outlets in the kitchen, and no microwave. There’s a microwave in the downstairs breakfast kitchen, so the staff said I can use it (mostly to sterilize my breast pumps and Rosebud’s bottles). We bought a Wasserkocher (electric kettle), but since I don’t have an outlet in the kitchen, I’ll have to boil water in the main room, I guess.

We ended up doing two shopping trips yesterday, partly to get out and keep ourselves moving. Obviously, this strategy didn’t do much for my jetlag! But it was good to discover two groceries within walking distance from the hotel.

The hotel staff is very nice, and have said they’ll take care of whatever we need. I need to ask again about getting laundry done. Yesterday evening, I was walking Rosebud around the hotel lobby and talked with one of the staff, a woman named Milka (like the German chocolate brand!). She’s originally from Yugoslavia. I asked her about laundry and I think I must have misunderstood something, because it sounded like she would take our laundry to her house to do it. I am sure that can’t be right! I’ll ask again at the front desk this morning to see what they say.

Today we’ll go to Bad Heilbrunn, the town where we’ll be living, and hopefully we’ll get keys to our house. I’m eager to see it. We’ll take care of a few other errands, such as get me set up on ‘s bank account and look into getting public transportation cards. There’s a lot yet to do!

I hope to take some pictures tomorrow and post them as well. The scenery is truly stunning. When we arrived yesterday, it had snowed so everything was fluffy white and spectacular. I still can’t quite believe that I actually LIVE here now.


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