Damned jetlag.

January 24, 2009

Once again, I haven’t slept very much. I am having a very difficult time with jetlag, in large part because of Rosebud. At midnight, she awoke again and wanted to play! She also refused to sleep in the travel crib so she ended up in bed with us, but that also meant she was rolling around, flailing her arms about, babbling and even wanting to crawl in bed.

Back at our house in Indiana, it seems that our tuxedo cat Mr. Clark has escaped. Please send good thoughts that he will be found quickly! Thank goodness for the microchipping – I am sure that makes it more likely he’ll be found and returned. My hope is that he is just hiding out in the house somewhere.

Yesterday we set up our bank account; I need to go back on Monday to finish up. I didn’t think to take my passport with me so I’ll need to take care of that. I also have a lot of questions as I don’t quite understand how the banking system works.

We also got the keys to our house! Oh my gosh, you guys, our house is AMAZING. I can’t believe I’m going to be living in such a lovely place. Sometime in the next few days, I’d like to film a video tour so all of you can get a better sense of where we are at. We met the Vermieter (landlord) and his wife. They are a retired couple who live 30 km from the property. They are super nice. I had a bit of trouble understanding the husband, because I am really not familiar with the local dialect and ways of speaking (the local dialect is called bayerisch – bavarian). But I was able to ask clarifying questions. One thing that made me smile is that the Vermieter would sometimes address Sourtrout in German, forgetting that he doesn’t understand very much (yet!).

We also spent the evening with Sourtrout’s colleague Louise and her husband Jeremy. They have a two-year-old daughter, Abi, and are expecting another baby in early May. I really enjoyed spending time with them, although I wasn’t as conversational as I normally would be (the lack of sleep is taking its toll). Louise is originally from Australia (Adelaide, I believe) and Jeremy is from South Africa. They met in Indianapolis, of all things. Jeremy speaks very little German so perhaps I can teach him. He takes care of his daughter, so I think one of the difficulties is that he doesn’t really have the opportunity to speak German during the day, and then when Louise comes home, naturally they speak English.

Since Jeremy is a stay-at-home-dad and I’ll be a stay-at-home-mom, and our daughters are pretty close in age, I expect I’ll get to know Louise, Jeremy and Abi pretty well. It’s nice to have instant friends already, due to ‘s work.

That’s actually a bit weird for me, being part of the ex-pat community. I am so not used to speaking English while in Germany. I’ve only ever been with German families and friends; consequently, there has never been a reason for me to use much English. So it’s strange. I did not come here to speak English and insulate myself from what is going on around me! Once we get settled in our house, I’m going to make every effort to become part of the German-speaking community. It helps that I have friends in Hamburg, Köln and Mannheim – but they are all far away!

So anyway, here I am in Bavaria. I feel like pinching myself, because I can’t believe how damned lucky I am to be here.


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